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Welcome to the family.


Chef Patrick McLaughlin and his daughter Kayla Jane McLaughlin promise to bring you so much more than an outstanding dinner or interactive cooking class.


They'll bring the joy of a father-daughter bond with a dash of dynamic teamwork and a pinch of professional. They'll work as if they were creating their own family memory.

Pat McLaughlin

The Chef

All things culinary. Products. Recipes. Plating. 

The creative genius. The inspiration behind every dish.

Outside the kitchen...

Husband to Julie, dad to Kayla Jane and Sean.

Total dog walking, playing, overfeeding dad.

Model train set, and Star Wars aficionado.

Culinary instructor and "math" teacher.


The hardest worker in the room.

Kayla Jane McLaughlin

Little Chef

All things operational. Events. Accounting. Marketing.

The one to deliver. The execution behind every event.

Outside the office...

Sister and best friend to Sean, daughter to Pat and Julie.

Director of sales and operations for industrial tools.

Marathon runner, Lakeview Run Club admin.

Traveler on many, many occasions.

A persona of contagious positivity.

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