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Private Dinners


An Unforgettable New Years Eve

In a heartwarming collaboration, a long-time friend and previous diner reached out to Chef for a unique New Year's Eve experience. Seeking to showcase his wine collection, he invited his closest friends to an unforgettable evening. Chef crafted a series of small, delectable bites, each carefully paired with a distinctive wine. As the clock ticked towards midnight, every passing hour revealed a new culinary delight. Laughter, conversation, and the clinking of glasses filled the air, creating a magical ambiance that celebrated friendship, exquisite flavors, and the joy of the new year.

A Bourbon Infused Adventure

Our neighbor, seeking a remarkable experience for his brother's Bachelor party, turned to Chef Pat and Co. The gentlemen shared their beloved bourbons, entrusting Chef to create a culinary adventure. With a playful twist, Chef curated a "gamey" menu, pairing each course with a carefully selected bourbon. The delectable creations emerged hot from the kitchen, while the festivities unfolded in a stunning AirBNB rented by the best man. Laughter, toasts, and the shared camaraderie of the night spelled unforgettable memories for this group of friends.


A Garden of Delights

In a quest to throw an epic surprise birthday dinner for his veggie-loving wife, a local resident turned to Chef Pat and Co. Inspired by their vision, Chef sourced local produce, including  vegetables from Chef's Garden in Ohio. Transforming the couple's dining room into a culinary oasis, Chef and the team presented a seven-course meal that showcased the vibrant flavors and textures of an array of vegetables. Amidst an atmosphere of love, good eats and celebration, the couple savored each dish, and enjoyed a night they won’t soon forget.

A Celebration of a Lifetime

Amidst the dazzling cityscape of a downtown high-rise, Chef Pat and Co. was delighted to be apart of precious moments during a 70th birthday extravaganza. The evening began with a delightful reception hour, where guests indulged in delectable appetizers and exciting conversation.The night continued as Chef presented a delicious three-course dinner comprised of fresh seafood.The grand finale came in the form of homemade desserts that added a perfect sweet touch to an evening of upscale dining that marked the milestone in style.

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