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Large Events


Baby Shower Buffet

In a joyous celebration, a proud mother hosted a baby shower for her first grandbaby. The event exuded a vibrant summer atmosphere, with the highlight being a spread of seven delectable seasonal salads. This array of delectable options were chosen to suit their dietary preferences, and the chefs donning white coats added a touch of culinary elegance. It was an unforgettable occasion filled with love, laughter, and a scrumptious feast.

Casino Royale: A Spread to Remember

A casino residential party was organized for 150 residents, with the goal to boost resident engagement and build retention. We remained on-site throughout the event, ensuring that the food was freshly prepared and the spread was continuously replenished. The guests were highly satisfied, and the proof was in their repeated visits to the food station.


The menu featured a variety of hoagie sandwiches, trays of fresh crudité, and a selection of charcuterie cheeses. Caprese skewers and smoked salmon cucumber cups added a touch of elegance to the appetizer selection, while stuffed peppers offered a flavorful and savory option. For dessert, an assortment of treats including mini key lime pies, and homemade sugar cookies.


The combination of delectable food, themed decorations, and entertaining games contributed to a memorable experience that fostered a sense of community and satisfaction among the attendees.


A Feast of Appreciation

On Employee Appreciation Day, a local office wanted to kickstart their employees' workday with a vibrant and delicious spread. The goal was to create an enticing display that would keep employees coming back for more. 


The centerpiece of the event was a grazing table, with over 15 different meats and cheeses, freshly cut fruits and vegetables, and crackers for pairing with the various cheeses and dips. The thoughtful details and choices demonstrated the company's gratitude for its hardworking team, making this event a success.

A Celebration of Life and Love

A family hosted a special dinner party to celebrate their parents' 90th birthdays. The gathering of 35 family members at make-shift tables in the living room featured a fantastic reception hour with seafood delights and a full-service 4-course dinner. From roasted pear salad to beef tenderloin and seared salmon to a delicious budino dessert, the family enjoyed a memorable dining experience. Waiter service throughout the night gave the feeling of going out to dinner as one big family,  all in the comfort of their own home.

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